Belgium Comes to Cooperstown 2009

Brewery Ommegang (that’s right, brewery) hosts an annual Belgian Ale Festival each year. Last year Weinzapf sent a contingent of reporters to cover the festival.

We kept the coverage to our selves for fear of giving any snobby oenophiles a reason to whine…
Not so this year. We’re blowing the cork off and sharing the adventures of our crew as well as reviews that may come along with the adventures.

If you love Barley wine, look for Uncle Jesse. He had the MOST amazing stuff last year. We’ll be looking for him at Belgium Comes to Cooperstown 2009.

Wine Tasting with Borat

Wine snobs beware! This isn’t for those who live and die by Wine Spectator reviews nor is it for small minds or small children. This video clip of Sacha Cohen as Borat pokes fun at how some people ritualize wine tasting. So if you happen to be a wine snob or lack a sense of humor we strongly advise against watching!