One thing we don’t do at Weinzapf is rate wines by a subjective, arbitrary, self-righteous point system.

Scoring wine isn’t objective and means very little to those who don’t share similar tastes. There’s no right or wrong to what one likes. Taste is personal and the best we can do is simply report what we taste. That’s why our reviews don’t assign scores. Instead you will find simple observations and no snobbery. Hopefully our observations can assist you in deciding on what you would like to try based on your own personal taste.

Price isn’t included either. Price has little to do with taste. Price is a function of overhead not your taste buds. Certainly there are some expensive and great tasting wines. Typically they are expensive because the grapes are rarer and smaller crops are available; therefore produced in smaller quantities and more costly.

So while some “wine critics” may turn their nose up at a Berringer White Zinfandel or a Charles Shaw Merlot, we don’t judge them because of their price or “heritage”. We base our opinions on taste alone. – Wine and beer reviews without the snobby aftertaste.