Weinzapf.com is a site devoted to wine reviews, news, and winery information.

The Weinzapf family can trace its origins back to about 2000 years ago when Celtic inhabitants of Raetia, now Grischun, inhabited the valleys and mountains of eastern modern-day Switzerland. Wine making was one of the chief economic trades and our forefathers were the favored wine makers to Caesar Augustus.

Later in the 13th and 14th centuries the Weinzapf family was one of the founding families of the Grey league who fought for Swiss independence. My grandfather Thomas (Tomas) emigrated from Falera (Fellers) to America. One of my earlier memories of my grandfather was his after dinner glass of Muscatel.

Weinzapf translates to “Bringer of Wine”. We hope you will find this web site a useful source of information about wines from around the world.