Winery: Bonny Doon
Brand/Type: Madiran
Vintage: 2003
Country: USA
Region: California
Alcohol content: 13.5
Closure: Synthethic Cork
Appearance: Dark Ruby/Garnet
Aroma/Bouquet: Blackberries, mmm, nice, rich, ripe blackberries!

Complex, heavy on the tongue, sharp finish.

Just in time for Halloween! Don’t let the Ralph Steadman label scare you! This is a robust and complex wine that begs to be savored slowly. If you let it out and allow the spirit to breathe, you’ll be rewarded by a soulful glass that won’t haunt you. Ok, Edgar Allen Poe we aren’t. Enough Halloween euphemisms already!

The longer I savored this, the more it reminded me of a Brunello. Not as dry, but that can be a positive with some Brunellos. Not as expensive either, so that would be a definite treat.

Bonny Doon isn’t afraid of pushing their limits or taking risks. This wine shouldn’t scare you either!